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The correlation between prostate health and sex

The prostate gland is a small walnut sized gland that can bring about a drastic change in your sex life. Prostate problems can arise from a benign or malignant growth in the gland.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, as is evident from the name itself, is benign in nature and a common condition among a large majority of men, usually after they cross the age of forty. Malignancy in the prostate grows slowly and is contained within the gland in most cases. However, in many cases it can spread outside the gland as well.

Prostate health and advancing age has a dual effect on the sexual function of an individual. On one hand prostate medicines or other treatments such as radiation and surgery can result in side effects affecting sexual capabilities. On the other hand, advancing age in and of itself can decrease sexual prowess.

During or after treatment for a prostate enlargement, men may go through a period when they face erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to maintain an erection. Other sexual problems may include pain during sex, orgasms without ejaculation and a difficulty in reaching an orgasm.

Further problems arise when the body starts responding again and men want to make up for the lost time and desire to have more sex than before. In addition the desire and inability to have sex work at cross purposes to lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. The physical and the psychological factors together make a deadly combination for further deterioration.

All the above factors can result in built up tensions in a sexual relationship. Marriages may be made in heaven but they have to be lived on earth. There are drugs and herbs for prostate enlargement that also address to the aspect of prostate treatment which should be explored. However, men can also take certain steps to ensure a healthy sex life even with a prostate problem. Some of the things you can do are..

* Stay fit -exercise more.
* Stop smoking.
* Change to a diet rich in vitamins E, D and A, selenium and lycopene.
* Consult an urologist and a sex therapist.
* Don’t give up because persistence and patience always pay.
* Remember you are not alone and your partner is probably equally anxious to see you get the back to the level that you used to be. Involve your partner in your discussions with your Doctor.

A change in diet, physical fitness and an overall healthier lifestyle will take care of the physical aspect of your prostate issue to a great extent. A specialist, persistence and the partner’s involvement can also go a long way to help clear the psychological barrier that men may put up around them.

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