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Menopause. The Change That All Women Must Face.

All women will eventually go through “the change”. Menopause is when the ovaries start to shut down, and the menstrual cycles cease. Most women will go through it in their 40’s and 50’s. For some women, it’s an easy transition with few problems. For others, it can be hell.  Some menopausal symptoms that you can suffer from are severe anxiety attacks and heart palpitations. During the night, you may abruptly wake up in the middle of an attack unable to breathe. Trying to catch your breath can make the anxiety worse. Also your heart can start fluttering and beating irregularly. Other symptoms are the night sweats and hot flashes. In severe cases, you can be drenched in perspiration several times a day. Vaginal dryness and sinus congestion can occur as your estrogen … Read entire article »

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