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How to Use the Dandelions in Your Yard to Cleanse Your Gallbladder & Liver

Dandelions are regarded by modern gardeners as weeds, however, it has a long history as of usefulness as treatment for a variety of remedies. Dandelion root tincture is a detoxificant, a powerful diuretic and mild laxative. To take advantage of this miracle herb that grows so plentifully in the summer months to the chagrin of many gardeners, you only need to find some dandelions that have not been treated with any toxic artificial chemicals or herbicides. Then, with a shovel, dig deeply beneath the plant to loosen the roots. Shake the dirt from them, cut the tops and place the roots in a bowl. Thoroughly rinse the roots. Then, with a knife, remove the brown outer covering of the roots. The roots are now ready to be … Read entire article »

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