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Dietary Chelation – DIY Chelation Therapy through Food and Supplements

By definition chelation refers to the pulling of toxic heavy metals, particularly mercury and lead, out of the body. There are two methods by which this is generally accomplished. The first is done by a doctor or nurse practitioner using EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) administered through an I.V. The second way is to chelate orally through diet and supplements.  EDTA can also be taken orally. Supporters of chelation therapy claim that it significantly improves blood flow through previously narrowed blood vessels and has helped rejuvenate and heal people from a number of conditions including heavy metal poisoning. Some symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include:  Extreme fatigue; feelings of extreme hot or cold; numbness of the hands and feet; loss of coordination; impairment of speech, … Read entire article »

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