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Spring Fever Unleashed… Managing Your Pet’s Seasonal Woes

How to Manage Seasonal Pet Issues

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. Now is the best time to take preventative measures against common problems experienced among pets and owners alike…

To ensure your pets continued health and well being this season, keep a few tips in mind:

● As the old saying goes, showers bring flowers… so check that your houseplants and flowers aren’t poisonous, should your pet nibble on one.
● Make sure to keep all the chocolate bunnies away from the dog. Baker’s chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate, but dogs really should not have any of it!
● Spring cleaning? Home improvement products such as paints and cleaning
solvents can be toxic. Carefully check labels and use sparingly around your pet and be sure to safely store all products away from pets and children when not in use.
● Take your pet to the veterinarian for a check-up and to receive any yearly or quarterly vaccinations and medicines.

● Springtime attracts extra attention to the yard for many home owners, inspiring them to fertilize and use pesticides to promote greener grass and bigger blooms, while discouraging insects. However, be sure to keep animals’ exposure to these toxic chemicals to a minimum. Pay particular attention to N-P-K fertilizers (which contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium salts), which can lead to gastrointestinal upset and paw or skin irritation. Also watch out for iron content of more than 1%, which can be fatal if ingested. Be sure to safely store all products away from pets and children when not in use.
● While outdoor playtime is increased, practice safety – protect your dog from traffic by always walking him or her on a leash, and restrict time off the leash to safe areas designated for free roaming.
● Keep an eye on your pet’s coat and check regularly for fleas and ticks. Also be careful of mosquitoes, as they can transmit heartworms to your cat or dog, which can be fatal.
● Fishing is a popular recreational activity of choice in springtime weather. However, a relaxing excursion can turn into a hazardous emergency if proper caution is not exercised. Remember to keep all fishing line, hooks, and bait far away from your pet – as hooks can easily catch on the mouth or paws of your pet, and resilient fishing line can become an intestinal blockage requiring surgical removal if ingested.
● In case of an accidental runaway incident of your pet, keep an identification tag on your dog or cat that includes your current phone number…

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