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Soothing PMS the Natural Way

When dealing with the issues associated with premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, it is important to remember that the natural approach is often the best one.

Menstruation is a natural part of life, and a sign of good health.  As a matter of fact, some serious health conditions are accompanied by a cessation of menstruation, so it is best to look upon your monthly cycle as a sign of good health, and to take a natural approach to dealing with any discomforts, cramps or mood issues that may accompany it.

Unfortunately, many people, and many in traditional medicine, seek to medicalize this natural part of life and push a variety of unneeded, and in some cases dangerous, medications to deal with the issue of PMS.

What is thought of as PMS can actually have its roots in a variety of issues, including sleep problems and problems with fatigue.  For instance, some studies have revealed that more than six in ten women do not get enough sleep.  This chronic sleep deprivation can lead to exhaustion and chronic fatigue, and these problems can often become worse as menstruation approaches.  Thus the mood swings, irritability and tiredness may actually be related to the fact that you are not getting enough sleep, or that you are trying to cram too much into every day.

Fortunately, the problem of not getting enough sleep can be solved relatively easily, and there are a variety of excellent herbal remedies that can help women deal with PMS and menstruation issues.  One great strategy is to take a soothing herbal bath at the beginning of your monthly cycle, or to drink a soothing and nourishing herbal tea and relax.

Herbs That Soothe PMS

Listed below are a sampling of herbs that have been found to soothe the symptoms of PMS and make you more comfortable during your monthly cycle.

Viburnum – Viburnum is also known as cramp bark, due to its long history as a treatment for PMS and menstrual cramps.  Adding from 30 to 60 drops of viburnum to warm water helps support your natural health and soothes uterine cramping, relaxes tension in the muscles, reduces muscle spasms, calms anxiety and improves the digestive process.  Although viburnum is safe for the vast majority of women, those taking cardiovascular medications should avoid taking it.

Dandelion – Dandelion is an herb that is rich in important nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium and iron.  A tea made with two cups of dandelion root or leaf every day will help to relieve many premenstrual and menstrual complaints, such as bloating, water retention, muscle spasms, acne, anemia, inflammation and tender breasts.

Some of the lifestyles changes often recommended for treating PMS may help prevent symptoms or keep them from getting worse.

Getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet (with increased whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and decreased or no salt, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine) may prove beneficial.
Also, your body may have different sleep needs at different times during your menstrual cycle, so it is always important to get enough rest.

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