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Simple Remedy for Warts or HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

Warts, also called verruca, are caused by (HPV) the human papilloma virus. Warts are generally regarded as contagious, but while they are unsightly, they are generally harmless, non-cancerous growths that can occur on any part of the body, but are most common on hands and feet.

There are so many wonderful tidbits of knowledge that belonged to our grandmothers and their grandmothers, which have been tossed aside in favor of increasingly expensive and dangerous drugs, surgical procedures and potentially deadly vaccines. But, the natural remedy for warts may be no further away than your grocery store or local pharmacy, possibly it is even sitting in your refrigerator right now.

Garlic is a powerful antibiotic and antiviral, not only for topical, but for internal use, as well. Consider ways to add a little garlic to your diet. You can crush a garlic clove to release the allicin and swallow it whole. Or, you can purchase gelatin capsules with garlic oil in them at most health food stores and many pharmacies. Garlic can be a powerful weapon against warts.

Remove and peel the cloves of a small bulb of garlic. Chop them finely. Crush them with a mortar and pestle. Place the garlic in a container with a lid. Pour enough olive oil over the top of it to cover the garlic. Store this in the refrigerator over night. Strain this mixture and use the resulting oil as an anti-wart ointment. Apply this oil to the offending wart until it disappears.

As an alternative, homeopathic remedy of Antimony Crudum in the 30C potency has been known to put an end to the problem of warts.

A combination of herbs can also remedy common warts. In her book, “Heal Your Life with Home Remedies and Herbs, Hanna Kroeger recommends the following to eliminate HPV. Any sex partners should be treated at the same time: “Blue flag, blue malva, blue vervain, papaya leaves and mullein. Drink concord juice daily.”

The following are other folk remedies employed against warts:

Apply apple cider vinegar to the wart three times a day until the wart disappears.

Rub the wart with crushed dandelion stems three times per day until it is gone.

Rub the wart with crushed clove three times per day until it disappears.

Apply castor oil and a bandage to the site of the wart. Change the bandage and reapply the castor oil twice a day until the wart disappears.

Apply tea tree oil to the wart once or twice a day until it vanishes.

Crush and slightly moisten an aspirin and apply it to the wart. The salicylic acid will in the aspirin with combat the wart. This is particularly helpful for plantar warts that are embedded in the calloused skin of the feet.

Sometimes warts will simply disappear on their own as the body’s own natural immune system works to combat the virus. It is best to take action against warts when they first appear, however, as they can become infected and in rare cases can lead to more serious problems.

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