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Natural Ways to shake off that Feeling of Constant Fatigue

At one point or the other we all feel fatigued. This is the natural way of our body telling us that work should cease and we need to rest, take a break. Fatigue becomes a problem when we cannot seem to shake it off, when we are always feeling tired and weary. Feeling constantly fatigued can be sign of bigger problems and may require a thorough medical check up to determine the cause.

The main cause of fatigue is a poor lifestyle that involves eating the wrong types of foods. Refined and preserved foods generally have a bad effect on the body. We should live a holistic lifestyle an eat nature’s food consisting of fresh fruit or vegetable juices, raw vegetables or small sandwich of whole grain bread and fresh or dried fruits. We must eat health foods which supply energy to the body and eat them in their natural state. We should also build our immune systems by consuming lots of raw vegetable juices especially carrot juice.

The other cause of fatigue is anemia where a shortage of red blood cells in the body interferes with the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood resulting in fatigue. Natural and holistic cures for anemia include consuming foods abundant in natural organic iron e.g. wheat and wheat grain cereals, brown rice, beetroot, cabbage, spinach, celery, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrot ; fruits like raisins, berries, peaches , grapes, apples, figs, dates, cherries and eggs. To prevent or cure anemia, you must take Vitamin B12 which is usually found in abundantly in animal protein and particularly in organic meats such as kidney and liver. Cleansing cures focused at ridding the body of intestinal parasites are also very helpful.

The other cause of fatigue is insomnia, lack of sleep. Sometimes all you need is good nap and you wake up feeling refreshed and energized. However, insomnia is actually a disease that needs to be treated so that you can sleep. Natural cures for insomnia include a regular sleeping schedule, yoga, taking control of your nervous system through meditation and playing some soft music when you go to bed.

The final cause of fatigue is mental tension. The daily rigors and fast pace of life can sometimes cause you to be in a constantly animated state where every muscle in your body is tense and contracted, consuming vital energy. The best holistic way to cure mental tension is through mental healing. Take note of your stress levels, meditate and change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. This way you will clear the tension and the associated fatigue.

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