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Natural Ways to Manage Stress

When you are trying to get a handle on stress, you have to make some time for yourself. For busy people, this is very difficult, but stress must be minimized however possible because it is frequently the hidden, underlying cause behind most deadly diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Start with just two or three hours a week where you just focus on yourself. Make a point of avoiding situations that cause you undue stress and anxiety.


Avoid stressful people wherever possible. If the in-laws are coming to town and you know this ahead of time, make an arrangement to be somewhere else for the duration of their stay.

Get plenty of sleep. For really busy people, that is difficult. Try, at least, to get an hour more than you are if you feel you are sleep deficient.

Get a massage. It isn’t just a luxury, it helps the systems of your body to function more effectively by moving toxins out of your muscle tissues. Massage helps your mind and body to work better on every level.

Get to peaceful, scenic place – particularly one that features a body of water. Looking at a lake or an ocean is rejuvenating to the human spirit. If you can get away for a few days, you will come back with renewed vigor.

Take a hot aromatherapy bath with lavender and rosemary oils. Learn about essential oils and begin incorporating them into your life in other ways.

Learn better time management. Get organized and just say, “No” to too many commitments. Don’t take business calls outside of business hours.

Learn some form of meditation, prayer or a discipline like Tai Chi or Hatha Yoga that re-teaches you how to breathe deeply and properly. It doesn’t just benefit your mind, but your entire body and, ultimately, the quality of your entire life. It can be a means of getting more energy to complete more tasks in more time.

Start training with weights. Nothing will get your life and your body under control faster than this. You will sleep better and you will feel stronger and better able to take on the problems life hands you.

Combine your exercise routine with juicing, eating more raw foods and a high protein diet and you’ve got a one-two punch against stress. Weight training and nutrition go hand in hand. When you start lifting weights, your appetite will change. You will actually start to crave better quality food.

No matter how hard you try to get more sleep, manage your time better and avoid stressful people and situations, you will find that stress rears its ugly head. When you feel yourself becoming very stressed, you can be sure that your body is practically drained of its B vitamins.

Incorporate a vitamin B complex, including B6 and magnesium into your diet. B6 will help your body fight stress-related fatigue and magnesium helps your muscles to keep functioning properly under stress. If you experience muscle twitches and spasms, particularly when you are under stress, this is a sign that your body needs magnesium and chromium.

If you find you just can’t sleep no matter what, drink a cup of valerian root tea before bed time. Do this two nights in a row and on the second night you will find that your muscles are significantly more relaxed, allowing your entire body and your mind to become more serene. Everyone focuses better when they are rested and more relaxed.

Start with any one of these ideas and make improvements little by little. You will soon see a big difference in your life, and the people around you will be happier too.

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