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Natural Remedies for Stomach Ache – Home Remedies for Relief of Stomach Ache.

Like headache, everyone has a stomach ache every now and then when being under a lot of stress or when eating too fast and/or too much. Stomach ache can be relieved with several home remedies, with change of lifestyle and eating habits. However, if one experiences severe and persistent abdominal pain lasting more than three days, and/or if stomach ache is accompanied with other symptoms such as diarrhea or constipation, fever, bloody stools, vomiting, fatigue and unintentional weight loss then you should visit your health care provider.

As for natural remedies for stomach ache, you can try the following home remedies for indigestion or upset stomach:

Chamomile tea is one of the oldest and the most effective home remedies to relieve stomach ache. Drink two to three cups per day.
Parsley tea. It can help you to relieve the pain related to poor digestion. The herb is also renowned for its antispasmodic properties which makes it very helpful for stomach cramps and bloating.
Peppermint tea might help you to calm the upset stomach and relieve the discomfort.
Caraway tea. The herb is very helpful for poor digestion issues as well as in relieving stomach ache.

There are also prepared natural remedies for stomach ache available which have been proven to be very effective. As always, check with your health care provider before starting any treatment regimen.

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