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Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids – Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Many of us will have occasional problems with hemorrhoids, (swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus) at some point in our lifetime. This common ailment is characterized by itchiness and discomfort in the anal area, usually with minor bleeding present (traces of  blood on the toilet paper).  

Hemorrhoids commonly do not represent any health risks and are not usually a sign of a serious underlying condition. In most cases the symptoms disappear on their own within few days. One can usually relieve the discomfort, itchiness and pain,  as well as prevent hemorrhoids from occurring with several home remedies and self-care measures.

Try the following home remedies and self-care measures to prevent hemorrhoids and relieve the symptoms:

High-fiber diet. Hemorrhoids are most often caused by straining during bowel movements and sitting on the toilet for long periods of time . This is most often related to low-fiber diet and consequently hard feces which is difficult to expel. A diet which includes foods high in fiber content (the majority of fresh fruits and vegetables) will help you loosen your stools and shorten the time you spend sitting on the toilet.
Adequate fluid intake. Drink at least six glasses of water to keep your stools soft.
Do not read on the toilet. Keep in mind that sitting on the toilet for long time increases the pressure in the lower rectum.
Do not strain. Straining increases the pressure on the veins in the anus.
Lose excess pounds. Those who are overweight are more prone to hemorrhoids.
Regular exercise will help you prevent constipation and reduce the pressure on the veins in the lower rectum due to prolonged sitting.
Use wet toilet paper instead of dry.
Wash the anal area with warm water every day but do not use soap. Soap can sometimes worsen the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
Use a sitz bath filled with warm water to alleviate the pain.
Witch hazel is one of the more popular remedies to cool and soothe hemorrhoids. Soak a cotton ball into the witch hazel and apply it to the anus. 
Aloe vera also has cooling effect.

Safety note: Never use any herbal remedies before consulting with your health care provider. You are advised to visit your doctor if :

– you notice traces of blood in your feces or excess bleeding from the anus
– you have persistent constipation or diarrhea
– you are not feeling well
– you are losing weight unintentionally
– symptoms do not improve or worsen despite home treatment

There are also prepared natural remedies for hemorrhoids which have proven to be very effective. As always, consult with your health care provider before beginning any treatment regimen.

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