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Natural Remedies for Headache & Migraine

A headache is a familiar human problem that is well known to everybody. It can be triggered by a broad range of conditions but it commonly is not a sign of serious disease. The severity of a headache greatly varies from occurrence to occurrence, from mild symptoms which only last a short time, to severe and disabling pain which may continue for several hrs. Several over-the-counter drugs are very helpful but unfortunately, many of them can bring about a series of side effects and might also lead to severe complications if utilized frequently and/or in high doses.

In addition to the usual over-the-counter pain relievers such as asprin, you can also relieve headache with several home remedies which are said to be very effective and have little or no side effects. Some of those remedies are;

Rest and relax. If possible lay down in a dark, quiet space and rest. It may take a little more time as compared to an Aspirin however resting is frequently enough to make the headache go away completely on its own.

Cold and heat. Alternate cold and warm compresses on the back of the neck starting with a warm one for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Massage. Ask somebody to softly massage your temples, forehead, neck and shoulders.

Consume a cup of willow bark tea. Willow bark tea contains salicylic acid which is an active component of aspirin.

Rosemary oil/tea. Add one to two drops of rosemary oil to one tablespoon of olive oil or other carrier oil and massage it lightly into your temples. You can also relieve headache with a cup of rosemary tea.

In addition, there are many prepared natural remedies for headache and natural remedies for migraine which can be extremely effective in treating the condition. As with any type of treatment, always consult with a qualified health professional before starting on any medication regimen.

Article by Russ Hancock

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