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Natural Remedies for Earache – Home Remedies to Relieve Earache

Earache is very common in children and is usually caused by sinus or throat infection. Other most common causes of ear pain include a foreign body in the ear and changes in the air pressure, for example air traveling and scuba diving. Earache can cause severe pain which typically worsens at night.

You can relieve earache with several home remedies, some of which might even reduce the frequency of earaches in the future:

Healthy diet. Earache is often caused by viral or bacterial infection. Diets high in vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and other essential nutrients will boost your child’s immune system.
Warm cloth/hot water bottle. Apply a warm, moist cloth or hot water bottle over the affected ear to relieve the pain.
Sea salt. Put three to four teaspoons of sea salt in a sock and heat it in oven or microwave for 1 to 2 minutes until warm (not hot). Put it over the affected ear and hold it over the ear until it cools off.
Garlic oil. Put a drop of garlic oil to a cotton cloth and hold it over the affected ear.
Onion. If you do not have garlic oil you can use raw onion. Cut the onion into small pieces, put it in a sock and warm it up with hair dryer. Hold it over the affected ear or fasten the compress to the painful ear with a bandage.

There are also prepared natural remedies for earache which have proven to be very effective.

Safety note: Never put anything into the ear canal and do not remove a foreign body from the ear on your own. If the earache is caused by a foreign body you should visit your doctor or pediatrician. It is also recommended that you visit your health care provider as soon as possible if earache lasts more than two days or if it is accompanied by fever. If having clear, colorless or bloody discharge from the ear you should seek medical help immediately.

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