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Natural Remedies for Acne – Home Remedies for Acne

Acne, popularly known as pimples and blemishes, are very disturbing and stressful. Acne is not a skin disease and does not represent any health risks,  and in most cases resolves on its own. This is probably not comforting for nearly 90% of teenagers as well as many young adults who have acne.

Acne typically affects the most visible parts of the body such as the face and upper neck, heals slowly and might cause scarring of the skin.  Health experts and dermatologists usually do not recommend medical treatment for mild to moderate cases of acne, and some over-the-counter acne treatments can be very expensive.

In addition to countless acne products, there are also many home remedies and natural remedies for acne which are reported to be very effective by many people. Some of the most popular home remedies for acne treatment are:

Tea tree oil.  Instead of purchasing products containing tea tree oil you can use diluted tea tree oil (5% strength  – 5 parts of tea tree oil and 95 parts of carrier oil such as olive oil). Apply to the affected and acne prone areas two times per day. Never apply undiluted tea tree oil directly to the skin!
Lemon juice. It is a natural astringent and mild antibacterial agent and its acidity helps in absorption of the excess oil from your skin. Apply fresh lemon juice with a cotton ball to the affected areas before going to sleep.
Aloe vera is renowned for accelerating  healing of wounds and for its antibacterial properties. Apply aloe vera juice or gel to the affected areas twice per day to speed up healing of acne lesions.
Zinc supplements. Several scientific studies have shown that the use of zinc supplements is a very effective and safe treatment for acne.  As always, consult with your health care provider before using any such products.

In addition to home remedies for treatment of the existing acne lesions, you can also try the following methods which might also help you to reduce blemishes and prevent their occurrence in the future:

– Keep the hair off your face.
– Avoid touching acne prone areas.
– Do not pick or squeeze the lesions to prevent scarring of the skin.
– Avoid excessive washing of your face. It might irritate your skin and make acne even worse. Washing acne prone areas with a gentle cleanser or oil-free soap twice per day is usually enough.
– Shower after exercise. Many people report that sweat makes their acne worse.
– Use oil-free moisturizers if you have dry skin.
– Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight – more than 30 minutes, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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