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Natural and Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss

At the beginning of a new year many overweight Americans will make a resolution to lose the excess pounds gained over the holidays. Diet programs, exercise programs, dietary supplements, diet foods, diet drinks, diet pills, and some lotions and soaps all offer you new ways to lose weight and are advertised in magazines, on the radio, on television and the Internet.

Among the options are herbal products to help you lose weight more naturally. Herbal weight loss products are available in pills, shakes, and herbal teas. They can be purchased in most retail stores, health stores and on Internet sites.

Some products may claim to be safe simply because they are natural herbs, but take caution because they may also have side effects. There are some ingredients and chemicals to be aware of that could cause harmful effects to your health.

Senna, an herbal laxative, is often one of the main ingredients in weight loss teas, and because it stimulates the colon it could cause dehydration and it can become addictive leading to colon problems.

Chromium picolinate is a synthetic compound found in herbal weight loss products. Chromium is a nutrient that helps regulate blood-sugar levels, but taken in high doses may cause chromosome damage and it can lead to dehydration.

Green tea is a natural product for the treatment of obesity, some studies have shown that green tea can increase fat burning by forty percent. Drinking green tea, or taking green tea extracts burns extra calories, and reduces fat. A cup of tea gives an immediate energy lift without the side effects of caffeine.

Apple cider vinegar is a very beneficial herb to use for weight loss and it can improve your cholesterol level, lower blood pressure and prevent rheumatoid arthritis. It can be taken in pill form, but it is the most effective when taken from the bottle. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar stirred into a large glass of water with a bit of honey added makes a delicious drink.

*Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is an herbal tea that is widely used in Asia for weight control. It helps adjust blood sugar levels and reduce blood fat (hyperlipidemia) which are vital steps in attaining healthy metabolic function. Gynostemma acts as a cleanser in the stomach, helps maintain healthy bowels and intestines by eliminating the body of toxins and waste.

Cayenne peppers naturally contain capsaicin which is thermogenic. It is a digestive stimulant and may actually increase your metabolism by helping your burn calories faster.

Iodine-containing herbs like dulse, kelp and nettles can help in weight reduction and are common natural prescriptions for cellulite. They detoxify and help to maintain proper function of the thyroid gland, which regulates the body’s weight.

Psyllium is a natural laxative and help to regulate the body’s elimination system.

Dandelion leaf tea is also a helpful remedy. Not on is it a tonic for the liver, but it is a natural diuretic.

Fennel in capsules or in a tea aids digestion and decreases flatulence. Traditionally, fennel combined with other herbs is consumed after a meal in India.

Research the contents of any products you are considering taking and always check with your doctor before taking any weight loss products. Some herbs can interfere with pharmaceutical drugs. Pregnant women should take particular caution.

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