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Living With Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Living with adult attention deficit disorder requires a persistent effort on the part of the person diagnosed for it. Despite claims of drug manufacturers, ADD is not fully curable and one has to live with the symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder. The drugs that are used to treat ADD carry warnings of side effects of these drugs that range from liver disorder to suicidal tendencies.

Adults are more capable than children to realize that they have symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder but the sad part is that the essential characteristics of the condition of ADD are such that an individual is likely to be poor at self-observation.

There are no prizes for guessing what entails living with someone who exhibits symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder. These symptoms such as a perennial sense of insecurity and underachievement regardless of what one has actually achieved, easy distractibility, chronic problem with self-esteem, inability to sustain focus and memory retrieval can play havoc with daily chores and interactions. And this is by no means is a comprehensive list of the symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder.

What is to be emphasized here is the positive traits of an ADD patient. ADD patients are known to be creative, intuitive, and highly intelligent. If advertisements and unconfirmed news are to be believed, some of the most successful men have been patients of ADD at some point in time during their life and have been on adult ADD medication. It is indeed a matter demanding serious consideration that if those people could overcome their disabilities, then it is logically correct to say that it is possible for almost all to live with and manage ADD.

The first and the foremost prerequisite for living with adult ADD is the realization that the symptoms are due to brain impairment. One can only try to manage and live with it and make efforts to make the most out of a bad condition one has landed in due to factors beyond anyone’s control. It is thus, imperative that anyone who has been confirmatively diagnosed with ADD should proceed with a conviction that ADD is not a weakness of will but a neurobiological condition caused by external factors or genetically transmitted. Availability of a strong support system goes a long way in making this possible.

Once such realization and conviction has been imbedded within your psyche, it becomes easy to live with and manage ADD, just as lot many famous personalities have reportedly been successful at.

If adult ADD medication must be taken, then educating yourself of its side effects proves to be of great help to keep a continuous track of your body, actions and emotions and see whether the side effects are having any detrimental effect or not. New studies keep on revealing newer results on such side effects and you will definitely benefit from keeping yourself updated on them. In fact, no information is too small as far as adult ADD medication is concerned.
In almost all cases, regulated and conscious self-suggestions like “I can do it,” “I must do it,” “I am capable of it,” prove to be extremely helpful in managing the symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder, and minimizing adult ADD medication as well.

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