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How to Keep That Allergy at Bay

Do you have a runny nose, watery eyes and do you sneeze continuously in the morning or evening for no apparent reason? Does your skin break out in a rash when you come into contact with some items or foods? Do you begin to gag or suffer shortness of breath when you consume certain foods?

These are all symptoms of allergy. An allergy is a sensitivity of your body to a substance that normally does not affect other people. One of the ways of keeping allergies at bay is to keep away from the allergen, the “thing” causing the allergy. Doctors will always give this advice. However, we all know the impracticability of this advice. Sometimes it is simply not possibly to keep away from the allergy causing substances especially if your allergy involves air pollution, pollen, sunlight and in some cases even heat or cold may be difficult to avoid.

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However, there are holistic cures and ways of preventing allergy attacks. A fruit juice fast for several days followed by a vegetable and fruit diet consisting of carrots, grapes or apples for one week has been known to cure allergy. To prevent allergies the entire C complex vitamins – known as the bioflavonoids, are recommended. Vitamin B5 and E are also great alternative remedies due to their proven anti-allergic properties. Other natural foods that prevent allergy include Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, Black Tea and Thyme Tea Ginger Tea and raw honey. Finally, to benefit most from these holistic cures, avoid stress and always maintain a positive mental attitude.

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