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How a detox homeopathic kit can help in detoxification

Despite a proven track record, homeopathy remains an underrated therapy. One of the major reasons for the situation that homeopathy is in, is the lack of funding for medical homeopathy research and the inability to patent its natural products.

Homeopathy is a complex medical system that believes that the core condition needs to be treated. The discipline does not treat symptoms alone but attacks the basic cause of the condition. Practitioners of homeopathy believe in prescribing remedies based on individual symptoms. They also take into account the overall personality of the patient. These are then correlated with a well documented list of symptoms that a particular remedy produces in a healthy person. The medicines themselves are prepared based on a complex procedure of dilution that is used to arrive at the desired potency.

What is not commonly known is that homeopathy is also a simple method of natural treatment. If you understand the manner in which the medication works, you can use a basic set of 26 remedies to manage routine discomforts arising from common ailments like cough could, insect bites, minor injuries and shock.

Similarly a set of homeopathic remedies can be used effectively fornatural detox to help in the elimination of toxins from the body. A homeopathic detox treatment attempts to rectify the root cause behind the accumulation of toxins. The causes could be a sluggish digestive system, a malfunctioning kidney, lungs or liver damage due to excessive use of recreational drugs.

Homeopathic remedies can be classified as herbal detox since all the medicines are purely natural. These detox remedies can be used individually or collectively to provide a good detoxification solution.

Ideally, a homeopathic detox kit should include the following remedies for handy use. Different potencies should be used for acute conditions and regular detoxification.

* Nux Vomica – helps stimulate intestines.
* Bryonia Alba – Provides overall digestive support.
* Lycopodium Clavatum – Supports the lymphatic system.
* Fumaria Officinalis – Prevents toxicity and purifies blood.
* Calcarea Phosphorica – Helps maintain a balanced metabolism.
* Natrum Sulphuricum – Improves constitution and water retention.
* Berberis Vulgaris – Stimulates the kidneys and gallbladder.
* Colocynthis – Stimulates the body’s natural process of elimination of toxins, both internal and external

Homeopathy is not a symptomatic treatment. It does not seek to remove the symptoms. On the other hand, it does study the symptoms to arrive at the right remedy that needs to be prescribed. In most cases, homeopathic medicines need to be taken over a protracted period, usually two to three weeks, for perceptible results to appear.

There are quite a few detox products that offer contain homeopathic remedies. However, due to its holistic nature, homeopathic remedies should also be monitored by a specialist.

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