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Herbal antibiotic or conventional antibiotic?

The rapid pace of our lifestyles has resulted in a negligent behavior towards the environment. We have also paid no heed to warnings that maintain that a fast and stressful lifestyle is detrimental to overall and long-term health. There has been a vast increase in the incidence of diseases caused by pollution, stress, improper dietary habits and carcinogenic chemicals.

In the race to progress it was forgotten that the body has its own means of combating disease and our first focus should be on strengthening immune system health . Man may have been able to conquer some diseases but considering the overall situation, he has been able to find a definite cure for an infinitesimally small number of diseases (till date there is no sure cure even for common cold).

For a long time we created disease without realizing and followed it by creating drugs for the cure. However, now that we know that by using synthetic drugs we treat only the symptoms and over time create more complications, we should focus on strengthening the immune system with alarming speed.

But the urgency to get back to work and normal life has lead to an indiscriminate use of the antibiotic alternative for treatment of even minor ailments. In exchange we have got bacteria that have developed resistance to a large number of antibiotic compounds.

It is extremely difficult to find an antibiotic that can target only the harmful bacteria. Promiscuous use can lead to the destruction of friendly bacteria in the body. This is a costly side effect since it leads to creation of stronger bacteria that becomes capable of using the antibiotic compound for its own benefit.

Penicillin and tetracycline are a classic example of a case where the bacteria have developed resistance and are therefore no longer effective antibiotics that can be used.

A child is born sterile but can still develop a fever. The natural approach of the body is simple. The body’s temperature rises to fight an underlying intrusion by a foreign harmful substance or bacteria. The fever is a natural effort of the immune system to kill the antigen.

A holistic physician will let fever below 102 run its course for at least one day, instruct that the child be given plenty of fluids and let the fever do its job unless some accompanying symptoms are disturbing.

A child who has been taught hygiene to fanatic levels is more prone to disease. The human body has its own immune system and an occasional intake of bacteria actually helps in boosting acquired immunity in children. Vulnerability to disease and the speed with which you are cured is strongly related to immune system health. The emphasis should be on building up immunity rather than looking for the antibiotic alternative every time you fall sick.

Despite all this, humans will still fall sick and require treatment because not all bacteria are friendly. Herbal antibiotics , with their complex antibiotic compounds have demonstrable properties that include destroying bacteria, including some drug resistant bacteria as well.

Even though many antibiotics have been borrowed from the plant kingdom, scientists tend to isolate and use only a solitary compound that they feel is the strongest. The synergy of the compounds is thus lost in the resultant antibiotic. Herbs for immune system have complex compounds that bacteria cannot breakdown and use for its own metabolism, a property that single compound antibiotics do not possess.

Conventionalists tend to shrug off the use of the word antibiotic for herbs. Without getting into a debate over terminology, we had better look towards benefits of herbs, which our ancestors used successfully. Rather than focusing on drugs for specific diseases it is much better to change the direction of progress and teach our children to adopt a natural lifestyle.

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