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Detoxify Your Body with Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay (Montmorillonite) is a remarkable natural clay that is made of the ashes of ancient volcanic eruptions. High quality bentonite clay is very fine with a color that is somewhere between cream and grey. It can come from anywhere in the world, but a lot of the bentonite clay for sale in the U.S. comes from Wyoming, Montana and Death Valley, California.

Ancient cultures around the world have used clay for health and beauty. Its use as a healing agent was recorded by the ancient Greek philosopher, Pliny the Elder.

Bentonite clay has a negative charge that allows it to bond with toxic materials whether in the digestive tract, in the skin or other bodily tissues and effectively remove from them.

A common use for bentonite clay is as a facial mask. In fact, one way to learn the power of this clay first hand is to apply it to skin that is tired-looking, oily, suffering from acne or any other imbalances.

To use bentonite clay in a facial mask: Make a think paste of two or three tablespoons of bentonite clay and some water. Adding a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the mixture will help keep it from being lumpy. Apply this mask to your freshly cleansed face. After it has dried thoroughly, gently remove it with warm water. The positive difference in the appearance of your skin and the tightness of your pores can be astonishing.

Bentonite clay can be a helpful tool in weight loss. It detoxifies the body, improves digestion and promotes overall health. Many people’s systems are congested with toxins. Bentonite clay can help keep your intestinal tract clean and functioning smoothly, thus leading to the appearance of very quick weight loss in people whose systems are infected or toxic.

Apart from possibly quickly losing a few pounds, using bentonite clays is an easy way to cleanse the digestive system and the colon, increasing the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients and process food into energy. After a cleanse, you should be able to get more value out of the food you eat.

Bentonite clay is a natural anti-parasitic, as well. Parasites can be an unknown cause of weight retention and stomach distention.

Parasites are not widely recognized as the causes of disease in western allopathic medicine and there are few if any tests to diagnose such infections and only a few pharmaceutical drugs to treat parasites in humans. But, in modern African countries and elsewhere where parasites are recognized as the cause of disease, bentonite clay, sometimes made into cookies, is used by traditional healers to effectively treat parasitic infections.

To lose weight and detoxify your body with bentonite clay, begin by dissolving a tablespoon of bentonite clay in a glass of water with honey or in a glass of juice and consuming it, at least, one hour before a meal.

It can also be taken before falling asleep at night. After about a week, gradually, increase the amount of clay your are consuming up to four tablespoons per day in divided doses. Always take the clay an hour before eating any meal to prevent the clay from interfering with your body’s absorption of nutrients. Bentonite clay is a good way to take care of your overall health, increase energy and improve digestion. It has many other benefits and uses.

Generally, if you are taking medication, it is wise to wait one to four hours before taking bentonite clay after taking your medication. But, not all medications are the same. If you are under the care of a physician it is wise to get his or her advice before using bentonite clay.

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