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Chicory for Improved Vision

As early as 5000 years ago the Egyptians cultivated chicory (Chichorium intybus) as a medicinal plant. Ancient Greeks and Romans used edible chicory leaves as a vegetable and in salads. Chicory was widely used by the early American pioneers as a substitute for coffee and is still used today for its flavor which is similar to coffee. But, chicory does not contain caffeine and it works as a sedative for the central nervous system.

Chicory is very popular, especially in New Orleans, where the roasted ground chicory roots are blended with coffee to create a Louisiana favorite, “café au lait” along with other coffee flavored drinks. Chicory is also used as a food additive, a flavoring agent, a sweetener and it is used to improves the texture of processed foods.

Chicory is one of the richest sources of vitamin A, which makes it excellent for the eyes. A combination “of carrot, celery, parsley and chicory juice is a very nutritious food for the optic nerve and the muscular system of the eye (Home Remedies Guide).” Consuming one to two quarts of this juice recipe daily has been effective in correcting eye sight within a few months.

Chicory also helps reduce eye inflammation or itchy eyes.

Chicory is a blood purifier and it supports the body’s ability to absorb calcium, a nutrient that helps build and maintain strong teeth and bones. Chicory juice is very good for the liver, gall bladder and is a natural laxative making it beneficial for the treatment of chronic constipation. It aids digestion, helps keep the liver healthy and supports proper metabolism of cholesterol.

The green leaves and roots of chicory can be found in the produce section of grocery stores and is sometimes known as curly endive. It is a leafy vegetable with curly, bitter-tasting leaves that are also known as radicchio, a popular leafy green addition to salads or it can be sautéed and served alone.

To prepare chicory as a tea or infusion: steep one teaspoon rootstock or dried herb with one-half cup of water and strain after ten minutes.

To treat jaundice, spleen problems, gallstones, or gastritis, drink 8-12 oz of chicory tea per day.

Chicory is grown in most areas of the United States, it grows best in rich well drained soil. The roots are harvested by digging them up once the plant is fully grown and the leaves can be picked and used in salads as soon as they are large enough.

Chicory has no known side effects. If you under the care of a physician, consult with your doctor before adding any new food or food products to your diet.

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