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Native Natural Remedies » Psychological » Can’t Sleep? Understanding the reasons why may help you fall asleep faster..

Can’t Sleep? Understanding the reasons why may help you fall asleep faster..

Medically known as Insomnia, lack of sleep is a frustrating experience. Much as you force yourself to close your eyes and rest, sleep just seems to evade you and you find yourself constantly tossing and turning.

A sleep deprived individual manifests a number of characteristics such as lapses of memory and lack of concentration during the day, loss of coordination, confusion as well as other anti social behavior such as being irritable and indifferent.

The main cause of lack of sleep is mental tension that may be as a result of any number of factors such as worry, exhaustion, anxiety and over-excitement. Other causes include; held back feelings of bitterness, anger and antipathy, constipation, dyspepsia, over-eating at night, taking too much tea or coffee and going to bed hungry as well as smoking.

Holistic cures for insomnia include;

A regular sleeping schedule that involves going to bed at a fixed time each night and getting up at a fixed time each morning.

Eating a balanced diet and avoiding white flour foodstuffs, sugar and its derivatives.

Avoiding cola drinks, coffee, chocolate, tea, fatty foods, fried foods, and foods containing additives.

Avoiding the excessive use of salt, strong condiments and alcohol.

Also, when you go to bed try and relax and not think about sleep as this will only make it more difficult to fall asleep.  You could try some yoga just before bed time. Playing some soft background music also helps.

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