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Bipolar Depression Medications

The brains neurotransmitters can create a feeling of elation or gloominess. Previously called manic depression, bipolar disorder is a type of depression that involves sporadic episodes of depression and mania.

A manic episode is marked with hyperactive behavior. The depressive episode typically involves periods of lethargy, pessimism and loss of interest in everything. A depressive episode requires a mood elevator or an antidepressant. The manic phase requires tranquilizers and drugs that soothe.

And therefore, the condition can get critical if the mood elevator drugs are continued once the manic phase sets in. This becomes extremely critical if the two phases occur and reoccur rapidly without any indication of their onset. Treating depression therefore necessitates closer supervision than any other cases of major depression.

Treating bipolar disorder only with antidepressants can increase the frequency of a shift in phase from manic to depressive and back. Misguided treatment can actually cause suicidal tendencies to occur. A fine balance needs to be maintained between the level of antidepressant and mood stabilizers for appropriate treatment.

Lithium is a soft silver-white element that is present in several minerals. It is a commonly used mood stabilizer. Valproic acid is another mood stabilizing drug that also manages convulsions adequately. Both these drugs have shown encouraging results in preventing speedy mood changes.

Patients who do not respond to mood stabilizers are sometimes prescribed antipsychotic drugs. In cases where insomnia becomes unmanageable, high potency soporific drugs are administered.

The decrease or increase in thyroid hormone levels can also cause mood changes to occur. On the other hand lithium can potentially reduce the amount of available thyroid hormones. And therefore, sometimes thyroid medication is administered in conjunction with depression medication.

Treating depression naturally is another choice that the patient has. This treatment involves the intake of nutritional supplements. These nutritional supplements attempt to provide specific forms of amino acids that can help in reducing the severity of depression, mood elevation and create a sense of well being. A reasonable dose of fish oil also helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Natural remedies for depression include natural products like St, John’s Wort and gingko. These can actually prove beneficial for patients who do not respond to standard drugs. They are also required for aged people who have a hampered blood supply in vessels.

Since the medication for bipolar disorder involves drugs that have a high level of side effects, it is always a preferred option to identify a bipolar disorder as soon as it sets. This provides natural treatment options a chance to contribute significantly towards managing the disorder and ensuring minimal or no side effects

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