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Avoid pills with our useful tips to cure insomnia

Grabbing a sleeping pill and swallowing it down seems to be the preferred way to immediately cure insomnia. Admittedly it is the quickest way for insomniacs to fall asleep. But it is definitely not the best way to get sleep. This habit brings addiction, side effects and dependency along and these can be extremely difficult to deal with later.

Medication should actually be the last resort for treating insomnia. Before you start popping in the pill, it is imperative that you try and establish the underlying reason behind it. Stress, anxiety, bipolar disorders and other mental conditions are the most common conditions that produce symptoms of insomnia.

Even when it is a case of treating depression and the accompanying symptom of insomnia the first choice should be to treating depression naturally. Choosing natural remedies for depression rather antidepressants is a wise choice since antidepressants have side effects that include sleeping disorders.

There are various things that you can try to get better sleep.

The first and foremost theory about sleep is to never try too hard to sleep. It has a contrarian affect upon the brain and trying to hard excites and agitates the brain. If you are unable to sleep, try to relax your mind by reading a book in a relaxed posture.

Try some deep breath-in–breath-out exercises. Such exercises are easily learned from a professional. Breathing exercises are an integral part of yoga. Deep breathing not only induces sound and good quality sleep but also detoxifies the lungs.

Milk is a natural soporific. A glass of warm milk before going to bed is a ‘tried and tested’ grandma remedy for inducing sleep in children. Milk is good for health and there is no reason why adults too should not try this time tested natural sedative.

There is a flood of relaxation and meditation music in the market these days. Buy a couple of albums and switch them on at low volume. Music is soothing and helps the mind to relax. It will soon ease your tense muscles and slowly take you in slumber.

Increased gastrointestinal activity after a heavy dinner disrupts sleeping patterns. Ensure that your dinners are always light and nutritious.

If sleep is difficult to come by, don’t just lie in bed and toss and turn. It leads to frustration and if you continue this habit of lying awake in bed the brain actually starts associating sleeplessness with the bed. This makes sleep even more difficult over time. The better thing to do is to get up and start doing something else. Maybe, take a hot shower instead. You can also start doing something that you find extremely boring like reading a slow heavy book.

If nothing helps, try meditation. It is an established fact that meditation is as refreshing and invigorating as an eight hour sound sleep. Meditation does not require too much of a training. It is a simple technique where you try to empty your brain of thoughts. Low volume, soothing and relaxing music in the background can help you focus on meditation.

In mild cases of sleep disorders, keeping the room dark, ensuring a quiet environment and simple techniques like using noise plugs and covering eyes work well with many people. Chronic insomnia that persists for more than a month, however, needs specialist care.

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