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7 Tips for Living with Depression

Living with depression is hardly living. It can at times become difficult to function normally while you are in a depressed state. With education and proper treatment, anyone can learn to live with the occasional bouts of depression and lead normal productive lives.

Here are some tips on learning to live with depression.

Join a support group.

There are people out there with the same problem who make themselves available for support. This can be one of the most important things you can do outside of medical treatment to help you with your depression. These support groups can usually be found through local mental health channels, or through your local health professional.

Reduce Stress

When the body is under stress, the adrenal gland increases secretions of cortisol.  Short-term, this hormone can help aid in survival.  Long-term elevation of cortisol however, can have detrimental effects. Learning to manage your stress levels can go a long way toward reducing depression.

Improve your sleep habits

Sleep and mood are intimately related. In fact, some studies suggest that rather than being only a symptom of depression, insomnia may in fact be one of the causes of depression. Get a good night sleep to help improve your mood.

Eating better to feel better

Eating well balanced healthy food is good for overall feelings of well being, thereby reducing depression.

Modify your thinking.  Stop negative thoughts

Habitual negative thinking can lead to depression. There is a type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which works to alter common patterns of negative thinking in order to eliminate depression. Studies have shown that CBT is an effective treatment for depression.

Don’t  procrastinate.

The symptoms that we experience when we are depressed, such as fatigue and hopelessness, make it easy to fall into a habit of putting things off until we feel better. When important deadlines draw near, procrastination creates anxiety and guilt that further feeds depression.  Try not to procrastinate.

Forgive and forget

Holding onto anger over past events feeds depression. Forgiving these wrongs can help you heal and move forward with your life.

Try not to make important or life altering decisions when you are feeling depressed. By following the tips outlined above, and with proper medical treatment you can beat depression.

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